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At Whattsupps we get asked daily by our valued customers how they can get a genuine Whattsupps discount, coupon or promotion code (promo code). Thus let us take the guess work out of it by laying it all down for you below;

1. Whattsupps Facebook Promotion Codes: Whattsupps has one of the largest Facebook following & “likes” of any Australian company belonging to the fitness industry. Apart from sharing with our followers a whole range of fitness, workout & supplement tips, we have lots of fun with competitions, polls & more. We also issue Whattsupps Facebook only coupon & promotion codes. Giving you super discounts across Australia’s largest range of bodybuilding & fat loss supplements. So if you do noting else be sure to Like Whattsupps on Facebook & follow us for great discounts & specials.

2. Whattsupps Loyalty Promotion Codes: This one is really easy & all you have to do is become a customer. When doing so be sure to register your email address & you shall go onto our email newsletter list. Going out around once a month (don’t worry we won’t spam you) our newsletter updates you on what’s happening at Whattsupps letting you know about the latest fitness industry news, hot products, articles, videos & more. Best of all the Whattsupps newsletter gives regular promotion & discount codes so you can be sure to save.

3. Whattsupps Defence Force Promotion Codes: We have a fantastic relationship with our ADF customers so as to support our guys & girls who are doing the hard yards for Australia. As a result, we offer all ADF personell their own Defence Force Promotion Code.

4. Whattsupps Bulk Discounts (30+ bottles): Looking to order in bulk & want to be rewarded with the highest discounts? Well then Whattsupps has you covered with Discount Wholesale Supplements earning discounts of up to 15% off our already low prices. Ideal for regular supplement users, those who buy large orders with their mates or Gyms & Health Clubs who wan’t to retail for their members.

So to sum it all up, at Whattsupps we make a point of taking care of our customers. We don’t give promotion codes to third party companies or even first time customers. But the more you follow us, the more loyal you are and the more consistently you order, the more we will be sure to take care of you with promotion codes, discounts & Australia’s lowest supplement prices. You now know how to get your promotion codes & discounts so go get them & enjoy your shopping.