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Sup3r DHEA by Olympus U.K

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SUP3R DHEA by Olympus UK (120mL)


It’s no secret, Prohormone cycles are extremely popular with those looking to increase muscle mass and strength, but as we all know, they come with certain drawbacks. Perhaps you've used such products before, only to experience these drawbacks firsthand. Ask yourself, have you ever felt lethargic while on cycle? Have you ever felt that lethargy limited your ability to get the most out of your cycle? Perhaps you felt you could have pushed harder, seen better results, if only you had the energy? Or maybe you've never done a cycle, and the concerns regarding lethargy and low libido are holding you back, causing you to seek a solution to such issues before taking the next step.

Well look no further, SUP3R-DHEA was designed specifically to UNLEASH your inner Demi-God, crush on cycle lethargy and take your workouts to the next level! 

So what is SUP3R-DHEA?


It is a premium quality transdermal product which can aid those seeking to reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass and enhance performance! But most importantly, it helps keep the body hormonally balanced during a suppressive cycle. So how does SUP3R-DHEA do this? Well, while many people are under the impression that they fully understand the suppression of the HPTA that occurs while on cycle, one important aspect is often overlooked. When the HPTA is suppressed, its not only Testosterone, DHT and Estrogen that decline in production, but DHEA and Pregnenolone as well. These two hormones are just as vital to various physiological processes as Testosterone, DHT and Estrogen are! In fact, Endocrinologists frequently put men who are prescribed Testosterone-Replacement Therapy (TRT) on supplemental DHEA and Pregnenolone for this very reason! Thus, SUP3R-DHEA was formulated with this in mind.

 So what does SUP3R-DHEA consist of?


Well, it’s primary ingredient is Dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA, which is sometimes referred to by its synonyms androstenolone, dehydroepiandrostenedione or didehydroepiandrosterone and occasionally by its nomenclature 3ß-hydroxyandrost- 5-en- 17-one or 5-androsten-3ß- ol-17- one. It is a naturally occurring endogenous hormone, and in humans it is the most abundant hormone in circulation, where it is produced in the adrenal glands, the brain and the gonads. [1-4] It functions predominantly as a metabolic intermediate in the biosynthesis of the androgen and estrogen sex hormones. [1][5] But it also has a significant number of potential biological

effects in its own right, such as binding to an array of nuclear and cell surface receptors and acting as a neurohormone. [6-7] Which, as a neurohormone, it has important effects on neurological and psychological functioning. [8-10]


Now, it would be tedious to attempt to cover DHEAs mechanisms of action in their entirety. With this in mind, the most important mechanism worth highlighting is its function as an endogenous precursor, or ;prohormone;, to more potent androgens such as Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). [13] It also has the potential to convert to hormones such as 7-beta DHEA or 7-Keto DHEA which are associated with an increase in the rate of fat loss, while simultaneously aiding in muscle accretion. [15][23-27] When DHEA is supplemented orally, not all of these effects and conversions are seen, as the digestive track does not have the same enzyme activity as the skin. [14] But when applied topically to the skin, which is highly concentrated with hormoneo enzymes, the potential for DHEA to convert to stronger hormones such as androstenediol, androstenedione and testosterone in greatly enhanced. [14-22] Though DHEA has been noted to possess some degree of androgenic activity in its own right, with it acting as a low affinity weak partial agonist of the androgen receptor. There has even been speculation by some that DHEA can act as an anti-androgen due to its intrinsic activity at the receptor being quite weak and its competition for binding with full agonists like testosterone, potentially causing it to behave more like an antagonist depending on circulating Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels. However, because its affinity for the receptor is very low it is unlikely to be of much significance under normal circumstances. [11-12] So such speculation can be disregarded.


But DHEA isn’t the only shining star, SUP3R-DHEA has yet another vital hormone in its formula, Pregnenolone, which is also known as P5 and is sometimes referred to by its nomenclature 3ß- hydroxypregn-5- en-20- one. Like DHEA, it too is a naturally occurring endogenous hormone, and in fact is the precursor of the progestogens, mineralocorticoids, glucocorticoids, androgens, and estrogens, as well as the neuroactive hormoness. Though Pregnenolone is also biologically active in its own right, and acts as a powerful neurohormone which can potentially enhance both memory and focus. [28-30][40] This is because Pregnenolone, like DHEA, belongs to the group of neurohormoness that are found in high concentrations in certain areas of the brain. Neurohormones such as Pregnenolone affect synaptic functioning, are neuroprotective and enhance myelinization. It is under investigation for its potential to improve cognitive and memory functioning, [40] as well as being considered as a potential treatment for schizophrenia. [39]

And though DHEA and Pregnenolone fulfill many vital physiological needs, they both have the potential to convert to Estrogen. Now while Estrogen does play a role in anabolism, and fulfills vital physiological needs as well, too much can result in side effects. Because of this, SUP3R-DHEA was formulated with estrogen control in mind. Acacetin, which is sometimes referred to by its nomenclature 4-Methoxy- 5,7-dihydroxyflavone, is a natural O-methylated flavone found in Turnera Diffusa (Damiana) [41], Robinia Pseudoacacia (Black Locust), Betula Pendula (Silver Birch) [42], and in the fern Asplenium Normale. [43] Researchers at the University of Mississippi formed a study aimed at investigating the anti-aromatase activity and estrogenic activity of constituents isolated from Turnera Diffusa. In the study, 24 compounds were isolated from the leaves of Turnera Diffusa and evaluated for aromatase activity by using a tritiated-water release assay and for estrogenic activity by using yeast estrogen screen (YES) assay. Among the compounds tested, Pinocembrin and Acacetin were shown to be the most potent aromatase inhibitors. However, Pinocembrin was found to have estrogenic activity, while Acacetin showed no estrogenic activity whatsoever. In the study, Acacetin was found to suppress aromatase activity up to 63 percent. [41] This is important because aromatase is the enzyme required for conversion to Estrogen, which at excessive levels is associated with negative side effects such as bloating, increased water retention and gynecomastia. Thus, Acacetin helps to mitigate potential estrogenic side effects that may occur from DHEA or Pregnenolone supplementation.


The fourth and final component of SUP3R-DHEA is Osthole, which is sometimes referred to by its nomenclature 7-Methoxy- 8-(3- methyl-2- butenyl)coumarin or 7-Methoxy- 8-isopentenylcoumarin. Osthole is a naturally occurring O-methylated coumarin found in plants such as Angelica Archangelica, Angelica Pubescens and Cnidium Monnieri. Like the other components of SUP3R-DHEA, Osthole has numerous effects. It is a calcium channel blocker, it dramatically decreased lipid accumulation in a quail model, and its neuroprotective effect on MPP(+)-induced cytotoxicity in PC12 cells supports the use of Osthole as a therapeutic agent for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders.


Osthole is also an active constituent of Cnidium Monnieri, which has been used as a pro-erectile herb in traditional Chinese medicine, and appears to be able to cause pro-erectile muscular relaxation in a dose-dependent manner, [51-52] possibly via phosphodiesterase inhibition, as Osthole appears to potentiate cGMP induced elaxation as well as nitric oxide. [52] But there may be other possible mechanisms at work, such as central (brain) effects due to the ability to induce glutaminergic neurotransmission. Another interesting ability of Osthole is that it is able to reduce fatty liver induced by alcohol, as well as induced by milk-fat [44][46-48], as well as lower triglyceride content in liver tissue [49], and induce PPAR alpha activation which can then reduce DGAT and HMG-CoA activity, resulting in a shift towards lipid mobilization rather than storage. [45] It also suppresses the mRNA transcription rates of Fatty Acid Synthase by 9.1%-38.7%, as well as suppresses the LDL receptor in the liver by 54.7%-78.9%. [49] It has been implicated in increasing AMPK-mediated glucose uptake into myocytes in dose and time dependent manners, with increases in glucose uptake via GLUT4 translocation induced by AMPK. [50] Osthole may also phosphorylate (activate) Akt, as well as the downstream proteins of AS160 and GSK3, which is yet another mechanism by which GLUT4 may be increased. [50] Osthol also appears to be a mixed inducer of PPAR alpha and gamma activity [48], which is one of the mechanisms by which it protects against fatty liver. [45] PPAR alpha and PPAR gamma activation is a mechanism of fat loss in some supplements, thus Osthole holds potential as a fat loss agent.


Now that weve covered the individual ingredients, let’s delve into the formulation as a whole. One important aspect of SUP3R-DHEA is that none of its ingredients are methylated, so there is no need for liver support such as TUDCA while using SUP3R-DHEA because it is not hepatotoxic. And with its transdermal delivery system, it bypasses first-pass hepatic metabolism by going direct-to- bloodstream. In fact, SUP3R-DHEA is perfect for transdermal delivery because all ingredients in its formulation conform to the ;500 Dalton rule; which states the molecular weight of a compound must be under 500 Dalton to allow skin absorption. And SUP3R-DHEA does exactly this, with Pregnenolone weighing 316.47g/mol, DHEA weighing 288.42g/mol, Acacetin weighing 284.26g/mol, and Osthole weighing 244.28g/mol. All known topical drugs used in transdermal drug-delivery systems are under 500 Dalton. [53] Transdermal delivery also comes with the added benefit of releasing compounds slowly over a longer period of time, meaning blood levels wont rapidly peak and then dissipate as can be seen with oral administration. This translates to stable blood levels and better results.


But that’s not all! SUP3R DHEA delivers a jaw-dropping 12g DHEA, 6g Cnidium Monnieri Extract (3g beingpure Osthole), 3g Pregnenolone and 3g Acacetin per bottle!


So as you can see, SUP3R-DHEA is a well-rounded, premium-quality transdermal product that has numerous benefits to anyone on cycle! Its effects go above and beyond just that of a simple Test Base mitigating the effects of lethargy brought on by prohormone and designer hormone use!


~Effects of SUP3R-DHEA:


It is worth highlighting the numerous effects that SUP3R-DHEA has, and how it could be a beneficialaddition to a cycle:

-Functions as a Test Base

-Provides Vital Hormones (For Various Physiological Functions)

-Improves Cognitive Abilities [31-32]

-Improves Libido/Sex Drive

-Improves Sleep Quality

-Improves Sense of Well-Being [33-34]

-Increases Stamina

-Increases Energy

-Mitigates Lethargy

-Enhanced Athletic Performance

-Enhances Strength

-Enhances Recovery [35-38]

-Aids in Estrogen Management


~Side Effects of SUP3R-DHEA:

In regards to short term usage, several studies have shown that there are few adverse effects. In one study by Chang et al., DHEA was administered at a dosage of 200mg/day for a whopping 24 weeks with only slight androgenic effects noted. [54] Another study, which utilized dosages up to 400mg/day for 8 weeks, also resulted in few adverse events reported. [55] Therefore we can extrapolate that higher dosages and longer usage is both safe and relatively side effect free. Though SUP3R-DHEA is designed to be used on-cycle when the HPTA is suppressed, it is worth stating that due to the hormones it can potentially convert to, SUP3R-DHEA can itself be suppressive as well. This is of little concern for those stacking SUP3R-DHEA because it is intended to function as a Test Base, helping to mitigate lethargy, low libido, etc. And unlike other hormonal products, SUP3R-DHEA does not have a negative impact on cholesterol levels, the liver, the prostate or the heart.

 WARNING: This product is only intended for use by adult men. Women, children, or anyone under the age of 21 years should avoid using this product. It is recommended to get medical advice before starting a supplementation program, especially if a user is consuming prescription medications and/or has a prevalent medical condition. Do not use the product if the seal is broken. Users must always follow the directions provided by manufacturer and must read the label to make effective use of this product.

Seek medical attention immediately if the side effects of this product persist after discontinuation. The information we have provided is accurate to the best of our knowledge; however, we bear no responsibility in case new information surfaces regarding the effects and side effects of the product.


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