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The inception of CONQU3R UNLEASHED was a breakthrough in pre-workout supplementation.  It covered all the aspects that a pre-workout supplement should; energy, focus, pump and performance.  It was the first true all-in-one pre-workout.  Unlike competing companies, Olympus Labs utilized the most effective ingredients at complete doses to elicit superior performance.  It was not long before the industry took notice that Olympus  was the preeminent pre-workout on the market.  Several companies made valiant attempts to replicate its potency, often by copying the profile, ingredient by ingredient.  However, those attempts failed to replicate the intense focus and energy that CONQU3R UNLEASHED delivered via our proprietary energy and focus bend.

There was one minor flaw.  We received consumer feedback that the taste of the product was not on par with its amazing performance.  Admittedly, we prioritized the selection of ingredients based on performance over taste.  In order to RE1GN supreme, you need to accept constructive feedback and work to improve, which is why we launched a R&D initiative to re-formulate a new pre-workout.  The objective was to create a delicious drink with the same great performance. No, even better performance!  As you may already have observed the Olympus Labs R&D team is highly capable but we went way beyond what even we thought was possible. 

You may recall the three pillars of our company; Innovation, Value, Results.  Similar to all our formulations we applied that approach to this project.  The outcome is a supplement that delivers even more focus, energy, pump and performance than its predecessor.  A dawn of a new era is here with RE1GN! 

There are several modifications to the pre-existing formula, the first one you will notice is the pump and endurance pathways are covered in one blend; The Incredible Pump & Endurance Matrix.  Although we thought Creatinol O-Phosphate (COP) and ElevATP® worked well their replacements, 1g of Pomegranate powder and 300mg of Vaso6™, are vastly superior.  VASO-6™ is an  innovative vasodilation and nitric oxide ingredient which we’ve dubbed as Superior Epicatechin.  It was first studied and funded through the University of South Florida and Olympus Labs is proud to be the first company to bring this ingredient to the pre-workout market!  The matrix also includes 5g of L-Citrulline and 1g of AGmass™ Agmatine Sulfate, to complete an unrivalled pump and endurance experience.  On its own, the Incredible Pump & Endurance Matrix exceeds any other standalone pump or performance supplement on the market.

You may notice the focus and energy blends have been split because they feature ingredients that predominantly target those respective pathways. The Intense Energy Matrix is anchored by 300mg of Caffeine Anhydrous to provide energy and performance.  The star of Olympus Labs energy blends, J.Regia, remains but we utilized an even more potent extract.   Eria Jarensis is a new addition to the formula since it is a potent energy booster that has proven effective in IGNIT3 and BLOOSHR3D.  We didn’t stop there, we included a novel stimulant that will turbocharge the energy provided by RE1GN.  Olympus Labs presents ST1M-X™, another innovative ingredient that brought to you by the DemiGods.  ST1M-X™is a standardized extract of the alkaloids of the C.Macroceras plant  that Olympus Labs has trademarked.

Since we significantly improved the performance and energy aspect of the formula we had to to compliment that appropriately.  The Immaculate Focus Matrix consists of 100mg Tasteless 40% TeaCrine® and 25mg of KannaEase™ for their ability to increase focus and elevate mood.  KannaEase™ is a extract ok Kanna that Olympus Labs has trademarked that is standardized to the same alkaloid content as competing products. 

The end result is nothing short of spectacular.  The RE1GN of the new K1NG of pre-workouts has begun.  The only way to fulfill your destiny in the gym is to utilize the very best pre-workout supplement on the market.  That pre-workout is RE1GN by a large margin.  A must have for aspiring K1NGS & QU33NS..

Incredible Pump & Endurance Matrix:

Several supplement companies throw around adjectives like “amazing” to describe their product as a marketing gimmick.  Olympus Labs does not prescribe to that practice so when we refer to the following blend as the Incredible Pump & Endurance Matrix, you can be sure that is the actual sensation that it will deliver.  This matrix is so packed with quality pump inducers that you will have difficulty containing the increased blood flow.  There is a method to our madness; the pump effect achieved through the delivery of sufficient blood and oxygen to your muscles will ultimately lead to muscle growth.  The effect is achieved via five effective ingredients: 5 g of L-Citrulline, 1g AGmass™ Agmatine, 1g of Pomegranate powder extract and 300mg of Vaso6™, another first brought to you by Olympus Labs.  These ingredients also greatly improve endurance and reduce fatigue to allow you perform longer at a more intense level.


L-Citrulline is a non-essential amino acid.  It is classified as a non-protein amino acid compound, meaning it is not utilized to form structural proteins.  It is naturally occurring in the food supply with the highest amount found in watermelons. Other food sources of L-citrulline include bitter melons, squashes, cucumbers, and pumpkins.  It has been traditionally used as a treatment for several health conditions including erectile dysfunction, sickle cell anemia, short bowel syndrome (to restore nitrogen balance), hyperlipidemia, cancer chemotherapy, urea cycle disorders and Alzheimer’s disease.  L-citrulline is utilised in RE1GN because it increases arginine and ornithine plasma content, resulting in a spike in nitric oxide levels which gives you that sought after pump effect.  But wait, if L-citrulline will increase plasma levels of arginine and ornithine why not just supplement with L-arginine and L-ornithine directly?  The problem is that L-arginine and L-ornithine are not absorbed by the body as well as L-citrulline.  You would need upwards of 10 g or more which may cause GI distress.

AGmass™ Agmatine Sulfate

Agmatine ((4-aminobutyl)guanidine) is known as the ultimate nitric oxide enhancing ingredient. It is a byproduct of arginine produced through a process called decarboxylation. Agmatine is similar to arginine but with the carboxylic acid end removed.  Its primary benefit occurs when it interacts with endothelial cells. These cells form a thin layer along blood vessel walls. As agmatine molecules pass through blood vessels, they attach to receptors on endothelial cell membranes. In response, endothelial cells make nitric oxide, a gas that dilates blood vessels.

Pomegranate Powder

The Pomegranate is a fruit bearing shrub from the family Lythraceae.  It has become increasingly popular in the Western world in recent years, especially after being tagged as a “superfood”.  Pomegranate has been shown to have several health benefits including lowering blood pressure, improving cholesterol ratios and preventing atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).  It also has antibacterial and antiviral benefits.  It is believed that Pomegranate imparts these benefits because it is rich in polyphenols, conferring it a higher antioxidant capacity than other natural sources of polyphenolic antioxidants.  Antioxidants mitigate oxidative damage which can prevent muscle and tissue degeneration as well as other diseases.  Studies have shown that pomegranate juice can reduce oxidative stress following exercise thus improving endurance.  It also been shown to enhance the biological actions of nitric oxide, contributing to the skin bursting pumps in RE1GN.


Vaso6™ is a gallate-enhanced oligomer made up of dimers, trimers, tetramers and pentamers that is a powerful stimulator of nitric oxide production. It can be derived from the extracts of grape seed or green tea. Research has shown that extracts of grape seeds (GSE) causes endothelium dependent relaxation (EDR) activity in vitro. EDR activity involves the release of endothelial nitric oxide (NO) release and subsequent increase in cyclic guanosine monophosphate (GMP) levels in the vascular smooth muscle cells ultimately increasing vasodilation and blood flow. So why not just use grape seed extract which is inexpensive and widely available? Because Vaso6™ only contains the components of GSE that are EDR active, meaning it only contains the components that will improve blood flow.

Further isolation and characterization of GSE was performed by scientists from the University of South Florida, using a process known as Toyopearl Fractionation, that identified the extract could be separated into seven fractions (A–G). Only fractions (D–G) were EDR-active so they were further separated into 25 individual compound peaks by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), 16 of which were EDR active. Analysis of these 16 peaks identified Procyanidin content, which are oligomeric compounds formed from catechin and epicatechin molecules. Peak G6, a trimeric procyanidin gallate, was identified as the peak that had the highest EDR activity and was confirmed as Epicatechin-(4- 8)-Epicatechin- (4-8)- Epicatechin-Gallate, hence the reason we refer to it as Superior Epicatechin. Vaso6™ contains only the peaks and fractions of GSE with the highest EDR activity including peak G6, hence the name Vaso6™.

That is not all Vaso6™ provides; the gallate-enhanced catechins activate the enzyme eNOS to produce NO. The enhancement of blood flow caused by Vaso6™ improves the shuttling of glucose, insulin and other nutrients to metabolic targets. Glucose and nutrient uptake is acritical step to activating muscle protein synthesis. Therefore, you want the extreme vasodilation that Vaso6™ provides prior to your workout. Furthermore, Nitric Oxide mediates muscle hypertrophy. Upon mechanical loading, NO reacts with superoxide to generate peroxynitrite. The latter then activates the TRPV1 (transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily V member 1) channel, causing an increase in intracellular Ca2+ levels via release from the sarcoplasmatic reticulum. Such elevation causes an increase in protein synthesis through TORC1 activation. Recent studies demonstrate that NO-synthase participates in the regulation of protein and energy metabolism in skeletal muscle by fine-tuning and stabilizing complex signaling systems which regulate protein synthesis and degradation.

NOS activation during muscle stretching or resisting exercise initiates proliferation of G0-satellite cells. Released NO passes through the sarcolemma, and activates hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) through the activity of matrix metalloproteinases. Activated HGF interacts with c-met receptors of satellite cells, promoting their entrance into the cell cycle. Therefore, during resistance exercises NO works as an activator and as a regulator of signaling, and as a trigger of muscle hypertrophy. The end result is a functional pump!

 Intense Energy Matrix:

Unlike companies that use different forms of caffeine and call it a stimulant blend, RE1GN only features stimulants that work synergistically to provide intense energy.  RE1GN is powered by a mixture of caffeine, Eria Jarenesis and two novel stimulants; J. Regia and ST1M-X™.  Caffeine is well known for its ability to increase focus, mental alertness and exercise performance.  Eria Jarenesis is a new addition to the formula for its ability to increase energy.  J. Regia is a potent extract of a naturally occurring stimulants that will provide an extreme level of focus and energy in combination with the other ingredients in this matrix.  The combination of Caffeine, Eria Jarensis and J.Regia has proven so effective in IGNIT3 and BLOODSHR3D that it was a no brainer to include it in RE1GN.  But why settle for good when greatness is possible?  Enter ST1M-X™, a novel stimulant brought to you by the DemiGods.  Through internal testing we concluded the optimal dosing of ST1M-X™ significantly amplified the Intense Energy Matrix.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is the most widely used stimulant in sports supplementation and for good reason, it is proven and effective, it is the creatine of stimulants if you will.  Caffeine increases focus, mental alertness, exercise performance, and reduces symptoms of fatigue due to its ability of producing higher dopamine levels in areas of the brain that are linked to “attention.”  Caffeine has been found to improve focus and concentration during activity, even when an athlete has not slept well.  Caffeine can also improve physical performance and endurance during high intensity activity. It has been found to increase muscle contractility and can improve the time before exhaustion, helping you crank out a few more sets!

Furthermore, due to an increase in free fatty acid oxidation, caffeine will have a sparing effect on glycogen.  Research has shown caffeine will elicit an ergogenic effect during endurance exercise performance, especially during periods of glycogen depletion.  These results suggest supplementation with caffeine would provide performance benefits when training fasted or on a low carb diet.

In a study with collegiate football players at the NFL combine, the effect of caffeine on performance-based anaerobic exercise tests was examined.  Testing showed 59% of the participants improved in performance with the caffeine during the bench press and the 40-yard dash.

Eria Jarensis

Eria Jarensis is an orchidaceae alkaloid, meaning it is derived from the orchid family of flowering plants.  It is the only known plant derivative to contain N-phenethyl dimethylamine.  Phenethylamines (PEA) Increases levels of epinephrine (adrenaline), and norepinephrine which are known as the fight or flight hormones that act as an energy catalyst.  These hormones also stimulate beta-adrenergic receptors located on adipose (fat) tissue to release fatty acids into circulation as a fuel source.  However, PEAs effects are relatively short-lived because the compound is broken down by the MAO-B enzyme within hours. N-Phenethyl dimethylamine rectifies that issue so you can realize the energy and thermogenic benefits without having to dose the ingredient every few hours for it to be effective as you would PEA.  Therefore, Eria Jarensis has become popular as a supplement for its energy and thermogenic benefits.

J. Regia

J. Regia is a source of various psychoactive alkaloids and Olympus Labs uses a custom extract of it in RE1GN.  Olympus Labs has established J. Regia as a premier energy boosting stimulant.  Those who have used EL1XIR , IGNIT3 or BLOODSHR3D know how remarkable this ingredient can be.  It has also become common knowledge that J. Regia has potent focus and mood elevating benefits.  Recently we were able to procure an even more potent extract of J.Regia which was added to CONQU3R UNLEASHED and naturally is carried over into RE1GN.


ST1M-X™ is yet another novel ingredient that Olympus Labs has brought to the market and in fact trademarked.  It is a powerful stimulant that will amplify the energy in RE1GN.  ST1M-X™ is a source of potent alkaloids from the C.Macroceras plant.  ST1M-X™ was internally tested in varying doses and with a combination of stimulants to determine the optimal dose .  Our testing discovered a pronounced increase in focus and energy when ST1M-X™ was used in combination with caffeine, Eria Jarenesis and the novel stimulant, J. Regia

Immaculate Focus Matrix

In order to excel at a task you need to be fully immersed in it, body and mind.  The Immaculate Focus Matrix ensures you get dialed by improving your mood and inducing laser focus.  RE1GN utilizes 100mg of TeaCrine® and 25mg of KannaEase™ to deliver those results.  When your mind is ready to CONQU3R a workout your body will follow.  TeaCrine® is the patented form of Theacrine that delivers a significant boost in focus and energy without a jittery feeling.  KannaEase™ works greatly and synergistically with the rest of the energy and focus blend.  The combination of these two ingredients work synergistically with the previous blends to provide a mind-muscle connection to help you TR1UMPH in the gym.

Tasteless TeaCrine®

TeaCrine® is a patented form of Theacrine, a pure alkaloid derived from the leaves of the Camellia Kucha plant.  TeaCrine® has a similar molecular structure to caffeine but its effect in the human body is quite different.  Similar to caffeine TeaCrine® elevates mood, improves focus and boosts energy.  The deviation from caffeine occurs in the side effects, where TeaCrine® is essentially free of any side effects.  TeaCrine® has not been found to increase anxiousness or result in a fatigued crash and is not known to cause a tolerance build up.  The one negative to TeaCrine® when it was first introduced was its poor taste, a reason Olympus Labs did not previously consider it.  However, advances has been made to produce a TeaCrine® that is basically tasteless allowing it a viable option in powdered supplements.  Rest assured the TeaCrine® in RE!GN will deliver all the benefits and will have no impact on its great taste.


Kanna is a herb that is commonly referred to as Sceletium tortuosum that has been traditionally used for its cognitive effects. Specifically, Sceletium tortuosum works by dual 5-HT reuptake inhibition and PDE4 (phosphodiesterase subtype 4) inhibition which plays a crucial role in regulating cognition via the PDE-4-cAMP cascade signaling pathway involving phosphorylated cAMP response element binding protein (CREB).  In addition to improving cognitive ability, Kanna is known be a very “feel good” stimulant.   A dose of 25mg of Sceletium tortuosum is generally well tolerated in healthy adults taken once daily for extended periods of time so there is no need to cycle off RE1GN.  Of course, RE1GN includes the KannaEase™, a quality extract of Kanna.

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