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Privacy Policy

At Whattsupps customer privacy is our top priority. We strive to ensure that your personal information is fully protected. Our company’s privacy policy is thereby intended to help you (the site user/customer) understand the following:

>  Our information collection practices 

>  Why we collect your personal information

>  How we use your information and when do we share it

>  How we protect your confidential information and personally-identifiable data

Your Acceptance

Continuation of this website and service use entails your acceptance and consent to our information collection process and practices as stated in this policy. If you disagree with any of the term herein the policy, please do not use this website.

How Whattsupps Collects Information about Site Users/Customers

At Whattsupps we use the following ways to collect customer information:

Data Directly Provided

This is when you, the site user, directly provide us your personally identifiable information; for instance, when you sign up with us or purchase our products. This includes information like your name, email address, mobile number, postal address, date of birth, debit or credit card number for payment purpose.

At, we give you complete flexibility to keep certain information hidden.  Please note that, if you don’t provide us with all of the information requested, you may not be able to access or take advantage of some amazing features on our website.

Data Collected Via Email Communication

We also collect customer personal identifiable data when you interact and correspond with us via electronic mail.

Data Collected Automatically

Some non-personally identifiable information about site visitors is recorded automatically. This includes information like pages viewed, user-time spent on the site, date and time of site visit, internet protocol address, browser type, operating system, purchase history and platform used to access the site.

Information from Secondary Sources

We may also collect and receive data about site visitors/customers from other secondary sources.

How Does Whattsupps Use the Information Gathered ?

The information we collect, directly or indirectly, is to facilitate a personalised and superior web browsing/online-shopping experience for users at Whattsupps. Furthermore, we use the information provided by users to:

>  Respond to their request in a timely manner

>  Deliver a customised shopping experience

>  Offer better site usage experience

>  Track user preferences and traffic patterns

>  Improve site functionality and performance

>  Find out popular website pages

>  Improve our e-store

Besides this, we also compare customer e-mail list to the lists we receive from other companies to ensure we don’t send you unnecessary e-mails and messages. You can also choose not to receive e-mails by modifying your email communication settings accordingly.

When Does Share Customer Information?

At, your privacy is most important to us. We never share or sell your personally identifiable data with others, unless we are legally obligated to or for business purposes with subsidiaries of Here are some situations when we share customer information:

Business Agents

To provide customers the best service, we have outsourced a few functions. We have employed some companies that work as our agents, performing the requested functions for us. For example, order fulfilment, sending email and postal mails, assisting us with marketing efforts, data analysis, deleting repetitive data from our customer-lists and processing online payments. To perform these functions successfully, we have to share customer personally identifiable data with our trusted agents. Rest assured, your data is not used for other purposes.

Promotional Purposes

We often send promotional offers to selected group of customer’s on-behalf of other businesses. However, in this process, we do not give that business your name or address.


To provide you easy access to our products, we continue to grow and expand our operations by selling and buying stores, business units, and subsidiaries. In such situations, customer data is generally a transferred company asset. However, it is important to understand that it remains subject to the pre existing privacy policy.

Legally Obligated

As a registered company, must always be in compliance with the law. And to ensure we comply with the legal regulations, we have to release and share customer information when obligated by law.

Protect Rights

We sometimes have to disclose customer information to protect rights, exchange information with other organisations for reduction of credit risk and fraud protection.

In other cases, we give customers the opportunity to choose whether or not you want your information to be disclosed and shared.

Practices Incorporates to Secure the Collected Customer Information

As mentioned earlier, at, your privacy is our top priority and this is evident through our customer information security practices.

SSL Encryption

We use 128-bit SSL encryption to provide you with bank level data security online. SSL Encryption-(SSL) software is the industry’s best software for secure online commerce business. It ensures that all communication between your browser and our website is carried in a secure environment by encrypting the information shared. This helps ensure that your confidential information like your personal data and credit card number is protected and can’t be read as its travel’s over the web.

Only the last 5 digits of your credit-card are disclosed during order confirmation. The entire credit-card number is only used when the order is being processed.

Password Protection

Your data on our website is password-protected. This means your account cannot be accessed by any unauthorised users.

However, for maximum safety and to keep your account safe from hackers, we recommend site users to make sure that the password is minimum 8 characters long, includes upper and lower case characters, special characters, and numbers.

Also, make sure you sign out once you finish using your account, especially whenever you use a shared computer.

What Information Can Users Access ? gives users access to a variety of information such as user account and interactions with, recent orders, email and payment settings and recommendations. We give you the flexibility to update your account information and keep it accurate and current.

Do Users Have Any Choices ?

Yes. At, we give you the freedom to hide certain information, even though it might be essential for making a purchase.

Besides this, you have the choice to add and update your information whenever needed, and the choice to adjust email communication settings to ensure you don’t receive promotional emails. However, this will not exclude your compliance with the notices regarding our updated Terms of Use and Conditions, and Privacy Policy changes that we send via email. 

Buyers Under 21

Please note, at we do not sell products to anyone under 21. Anyone under 21 years of age may use our website only when supervised by their parents/guardian.

Policy Updates, Conditions of Use and Notices

We hereby state that the privacy policy is subject to change. We reserve the right to change and amend any clause in this policy if and when needed. We will keep you informed about the changes in our policy and conditions of use via e-mail notification. However, if you have discontinued our email service, then it is advisable that you review and read our policy frequently and whenever you use our site to ensure that you’re fully aware of policy updates.