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Trying To Build Mass? Don’t Make These Mistakes | Whattsupps

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Everyone loves to read interesting lists, especially in the fitness industry. That’s why lists like ‘5 tips to turn your biceps into guns’ and ‘3 ways to lose that belly fat’ are so popular!

However, when it comes down to packing on lean muscle mass, it can be just as important to know what NOT to do. Here are a few mass building mistakes that most trainees make:

Buying Your Way into Bulking Up

The traditional approach to bulking up in off-season and then later dieting to cut off for contests or the beach is outdated. The truth is ingesting more than the ideal amount of nutrients leads to fat gain and significantly increases the risks of developing insulin tolerance.

Not to mention the fatter you get, the more aromatase enzymes your body produces, which will eventually lower testosterone production and convert into hormone estrogen.

To avoid making this mistake, stop focusing on the numbers you see on the scale and focus on practices that add functional, lean bodyweight.

Performing Excessive Isolation Exercises

Any sort of resistance exercise can build muscle; it’s just that some are able to do it better than the others. A larger physique is built from push-ups, squats and dead lifts, not from tricep kickbacks.

The more you stick to what you were genetically designed for, the better off you are. Always prefer free weights over machines.

Burning Too Many Calories outside the Gym

How you spend your time when you are not working out matters a lot. You wouldn’t really gain much muscle mass if you are out partying until the wee hours or if you play 5 hours of basketball on your rest days. You need to make serious adjustments to your body and your schedule to nail your muscle building goals.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

One of the most avoidable factors that interfere with muscle gain is appropriate sleep. Sleep deprivation leads to suppressed growth hormones and androgen levels; thereby, robbing you of potential pounds.

Not Eating Enough Protein

Most stereotypical hard-gainers fail to consume enough protein. A general recommendation for putting on muscle mass is to consume at least 1.5 grams of protein for every kg of bodyweight. If you don’t know the exact amount of protein you have every day, it is likely not enough.

These are some of the most common muscle building mistakes that bodybuilders make and can be easily avoided.

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