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Here’s How You Know You Are Taking Too Much Of Amino Acids! | Whattsupps

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Amino acids ingested through your diet are typically safe, but just like everything else, too much of amino acids can be dangerous. While side effects aren’t common when taking amino acid supplements, there are several natural amino acids that carry a much higher risk.

If you are pregnant, take medications, or have been diagnosed with kidney disease, diabetes, or liver problems, remember to consult your doctor before using amino acid supplements.

For starters, you should know that your body has the ability to break down amino acids into their component parts. While one part of the amino acids may be used to make new amino acids, another part can be converted into glucose and used to boost energy levels.

The amino groups contain nitrogen which is present in the form of ammonia after it is cut off from the original amino acid. This toxic ammonia must be removed from the body, therefore, it binds with another amino acid and proceeds to the liver where it turns into urea and exits the body in form or urine.

Here are a few symptoms to look out for if you think you are ingesting excessive amounts of amino acids:

Kidney Problems

When a high protein diet is the source of excess amino acids, it makes the kidneys work double time to maintain the body’s acid-base balance. If you end up taking too much, the amino acids will be broken down because your body doesn’t store them for use in the future. As mentioned above, at the same time, ammonia levels increase in the body. This process forces your kidneys to filter more blood.

If you start noticing kidney pain or a stinging feeling in your lower back/abdomen, maybe it is time to cut back to a low protein diet for a while. To avoid serious kidney problems, also make sure that you are using original amino acid supplements.

Poor Mood and Sleep Regulation

If you are using BCAA amino acid supplements, you should know that the components, namely leucine, isoleucine and valine compete against amino acid tryptophan to reach your brain. Tryptophan is responsible for triggering the release of and maintaining healthy levels of serotonin in your body.

When the body experiences excessive intake of BCAAs, naturally, lesser amounts of tryptophan make it to the brain. This could lead to frequent mood swings, poor quality of sleep and increase in agitation.

Most of the times, bodybuilding trainees end up purchasing low quality or fake amino acid supplements that come with heightened risks of health problems.

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