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Creatine, Glutamine And Protein - When To Take Them? | Whattsupps

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Out of the hundreds of emails we get every month, a significant number of people want to know what the best supplements on the market are, and how can they leverage off of it.

This blog post will guide you when to take some of the top three supplements – glutamine, creatine and protein – for gaining muscle size and strength.

While there is a lot of conflicting research that says glutamine and creatine compete with one another for cell absorption and transportation, you can still bypass the problem by splitting up the timing a bit.

Timing Creatine

Creatine is best taken at least half an hour before you hit the gym; and again, right after the workout. What you want to do is make a protein/creatine shake thirty minutes before your workout and another shake right after.

In bodybuilding lingo, this is called the ‘bracketing effect’. It helps establish an anabolic state in your muscles and prevents muscle breakdown from the workout. Other than these two primary time slots, add in another creatine serving any time you feel convenient.

Our experts recommend keeping it to a 20-30 gms dose during the loading phase and then cutting back to 10-15 gms in the maintenance phase.

Timing Glutamine

You certainly want to take glutamine before you go to bed. Research studies suggest that taking at least 5 grams of glutamine before bed can boost growth hormone levels significantly. Another good time is when you wake up as your muscles have been going without nutrition for 6 to 8 hours.

If your workouts are intense, taking glutamine an hour after the gym can facilitate the recuperation process in the body.

To break it down, take creatine definitely before and after your workouts and glutamine before you sleep and right after you wake up.

Timing Protein

When it comes down to protein shakes, most of us know the best time to take any protein bodybuilding supplement is right after a workout. Intense workouts leave your muscles looking like sponges that need nutrition immediately for recovery and growth.

You should also take a good dose of protein right before bed, and upon waking up. For maximum size, set up an anabolic window for your body by taking a protein shake an hour before the gym so that the catabolic effects of weight training are not as intense.

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