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Capsules Vs Powder- Which Creatine Supplement To Take? | Whattsupps

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Creatine pills and powders are used by athletes to enhance performance. They are one of the most widely used products in the industry. Creatine is highly practical and can be mixed with a number of different supplements to create totally new formulations. While the human body produces a certain amount of creatine everyday, it is not enough to support the type of muscle growth that most professionals seek to gain.

Creatine powders and pills are in demand and can easily be purchased online. However, there is much debate about which is better? Here we identify the pros and cons of both, so you can buy the one that fits your preferences.

The Pros Of Creatine Powder

Cheap And Easy To Consume

As opposed to creatine pills, powder is relatively cheaper. If you are working under a tight budget, this should be the obvious choice. Powder comes in large tub-like containers and clearly gives more value for the money. The bigger the container the less is the price per gram. Moreover, creatine in powder form is easier to consume. It easily enters your system helping you maintain or gain weight.

Can Easily Be Mixed With Other Supplements

Powder can also be easily mixed with other supplements, which is widely recognized as an effective method to increase muscle growth.

The Cons Of Creatine Powder

Many consumers of powders dislike the aftertaste. But, after a few weeks of consumptions one is likely to get used to it. Moreover, powder does not completely mix with a number of fluids. Often times even when mixed with water, large clumps can accumulate at the bottom.

The Pros Of Creatine Pills


Creatine pills or capsules are more convenient to use. As opposed to the powder they can easily be carried around to the workplace, gym, school and more. The size is small and can even fit in pockets.

Not Hassle Of Mixing

Another advantage of pill is that you don’t have to prepare them to consume. They can simply be taken with any drink. Furthermore they also spare the unpleasant aftertaste that most powder consumers complain about.

The Cons Of Creatine Pills

Pills are more expensive than powder or at least they can prove to be. For a standard dose of 5mg, you will need to consume 6 pills per day. The overall cost if calculated and compared with powder can be higher. Moreover, pills can take longer to get completely digested, but it is not that big of a concern.

So at the end of the day, it all comes down to your budget and personal preferences. Just consider the above mentioned things before you finalize your purchase.

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