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All You Need To Know About Your Creatine Intake | Whattsupps

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Since creatine has only been recently introduced in the market, it is really hard to identify if it will have long term health effects. However, if you are planning to use creatine bodybuilding supplements in the near future, you will be glad to know that till date there has not been one side effect reported. Not one reputable study has been able to show that creatine has dangerous side effects.

However, it all comes down the right dosage. Here are few things you should know about your creatine intake.

Is It Necessary To Load On Creatine?

No, it is not essential that you load on creatine; but it can definitely help you notice faster results. To get the full benefits of creatine, you need to saturate your muscles with it. Using a dose as small as 5 gm, it could take up to thirty days to saturate your body, depending on your lean muscle mass.

On the other hand, using a dosage of 15-25 grams every day for 5 days allows you to quickly saturate your muscles and later you can continue with a maintenance dosage of 3 to 5 grams for the remainder of the month.

Is It Necessary To Cycle Creatine?

Again, it is not necessary but it can help. Your body maintains an internal equilibrium which you can tweak in your favour for a certain period of time before it returns back to normal. This means taking excess creatine for a period of 4 to 8 weeks may temporarily increase the creatine phosphate stores in your body; but after some time, your body will certainly place some level of control to normalize the levels.

Taking time off from creatine allows your body to get back into equilibrium where ingesting larger amounts of it will be beneficial again.

What the Best Times to Intake Creatine?

While there has been a lot of discussion on this, our experts suggest taking creatine bodybuilding supplements post workout for a number of different reasons:

  • One of the most important factors that regulate the intake of creatine into muscle is insulin. If you are a smart bodybuilder, you will eat foods that spike up your insulin levels in your post workout meal. If it is so, taking creatine with this meal will certainly help boost its uptake into muscles.
  • Your body is able to absorb nutrients in a better way after workouts.
  • Post workout creatine doses also help refuel your body’s lowering creatine phosphate levels.

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