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3 Things That Can Kill Your Muscle Gains! | Whattsupps

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Majority of people who hit the gym have one thing in mind; grow. But just like they say ‘things don’t always go as planned.’ The same is the case with bodybuilding. In fact, here it is more of a choice rather than something beyond control. The problem however, is that most people, amateurs and professionals alike, are unaware of certain habits that can kill their muscle gains. While most of them think they are on a road to gaining, in reality the actual opposite happens. So what exactly are the mistakes that can kill muscles gains? Here we list a few. Let’s hope you are not making them.

Letting The Ego Get The Best Of You

The first and foremost thing to do is to learn when to stop exercising or not do it at all. Let’s say you have a well sorted out chest day but are still experiencing pains from last night’s triceps training. Due to some reason you did not get a good night’s sleep and are fairly exhausted. What should you do; stay home and rest or go the gym? While most enthusiasts would still hit the gym, experts advise that in such a case you should respect the body and give it a day off, or even more if required. One day of skipped gym is better than a month’s skipping that may become your fate if you end up getting a torn muscle, strains or more.

Leaving The Muscle Control For Later

When it comes to bodybuilding, it’s all about the technique. You can lift as much weight as possible but unless it is done properly, you are wasting time. In bodybuilding, half the battle to experiencing and witnessing results is the process. The key here is to focus on a muscle to a point where you think only that muscle is doing all the work. Of course that is not really the case, but doing so would put the muscle under tension which in turn will help it grow.

Don’t Let Yourself Go Easy On The Weekends

A day’s break or two is a must for any bodybuilder. While most of the regular gym hitters are able to control themselves from excessive eating and drinking over the weekends, for others it can prove to be a problem. Doing so, even once can set you back days to reaching your goals. So try to avoid those extra cheesy burgers or drinks if you want to stay on track and not waste all that effort.

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