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3 Supplements To Consider Adding To Your Muscle-Building Journey | Whattsupps

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Explore our products category page and you’ll realize just how many bodybuilding and sports supplements are available in the market. There are tons of products out there and more entering the market every day. Some are geared towards helping you gain muscles others for strength gain and more. If used properly, these products can produce astounding results. But not all these supplements work for all people. They are formulated to serve specific purposes and not always respond in the same way when used by different people. Despite that there are some widely recognized supplements that deliver astonishing results. Here are 3 supplements; we think you should definitely consider adding to your muscle building journey.


The human body produces around 1-2 mg of creatine per day. It is a naturally occurring substance primarily found in the skeletal muscle tissues. This amount however, is only enough to support the normal biological processes that occur in the body. For bodybuilders looking to gain muscle growth additional intake is a must. Creatine supplements offer a range of benefits. These include promotion of lean body mass, fast and efficient post-workout recovery, increased muscle intensive performance, increased glycogen storage and more. Majority of professionals use this product for weight training and bodybuilding.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

BCAAs are widely used by weight trainers and bodybuilders to help enhance workout results. The human body contains 20 amino acids out of which 3 are BCAAs.

They are essential for muscle recovery. Supplements in this case help enhance this process which results in a faster post workout recovery. They also help restore the loss of nutrients by serving as an energy source during workouts, reduce exercise induced pain, muscle fatigue and more. Some evidence also indicates that BCAAs help keep the muscles fueled, making it ideal for those who prefer intensive workouts.


Intensive exercise often leads to muscle breakdowns. Glutamine helps avoid that by improving overall muscle endurance making it a popular choice for weight lifters. Taken in supplement form, glutamine brings a number of other benefits to the table. Some of these include enhancement of plasma growth hormone levels, improved immune systems, accelerated metabolism and more.

While it is true that results can always be achieved without supplements, but doing so takes a lot of time and extra effort. For starters, it is highly recommended that you bring your diet in line. Unless you do that no exercise would help you. Next you should consider adding one of these to your overall training routine.

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